Coach ride to Devil's Castle

The coachman dangerously drives his horse on and chases up the mountain through the rainy and wet gorge. Flashing lightning make the contours of a tremendous castle visible – Devil's Castle. One can practically feel that the coachman wishes to get there as fast as possible because there is something fishy about the guests inside his coach. They all belong to two of the most powerful associations and are trying to find out who their allies are during the ride. Secret objects are changing owners to achieve important information and to bring the powerful objects to safety with their allies in order to be victorious.

Coach ride to Devil's Castle is a mystical Cardgame for 3-10 players from Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. The game consist of 60 illustrated cards and has a playing time of 30-60 minutes (with 9-10 players longer). The ideal amount of players for the introduction is 4-8.

As you can see above the packaging is in German, but the rules and the cards are multilingual with German and English text (translations in other languages are available).

All players are passengers within a carriage that is rushing to Devil's Castle. They each act as a member of a secret association, but no one knows who is friend and who is foe.

Each player starts as a secret member in one of two antagonistic associations. He also gets a secret profession with a special ability. So at the beginning of the game you have no information about the associations and the professions of the others.

To win the game, each association has to collect 3 defined artifacts jointly. Therefore you have to find out who your allies are and where to find the artifacts among the other secret objects that are in possession of other players.

You can get this information during the game either by trading objects with other players, because every object has a special ability, e.g. "Trade the monocle and you may take a look at your trading partners-association." or by struggling with other players, because the winner of a struggle can view the cards of the underdog and steal one of them. But be careful, all players can support the attacker or defender in a struggle. If they know your identity but you don't know theirs it maybe risky to struggle.

The association that has collected their 3 artifacts first can declare their victory.

Coach ride to Devil's Castle has a special atmosphere, because you never know if somebody is faithfully supporting you or if he only pretends to be your friend!


  • 10 character cards (both sides can be used)
  • 10 occupation cards
  • 10 association cards (5 each of the Order/ of the Brotherhood)
  • 21 objects for the traveling luggage
  • 9 “The Drink of Power” cards
  • playing instructions